LDV Production provides a wide range of video content, from broadcast to Corporate Videos or theatrical release, from commercials to documentaries and corporate branding.

Interactive Media Solutions

LDV Production provides its clients with the highest quality video and interactive media solutions for TV, broadcast, web, training, marketing, mobile devices and consumer or corporate communications. Our offering also includes first class creative, commercial, management and technical services for motion content production and distribution.

LDV Production can produce commercials or corporate videos of any length to promote products, services, events or new projects. We deliver commercials for broadcast purposes, encoded for the internet or other digital media.

We are the best in the business when it comes to:

* Creating video content

* Delivering video content

* Monetising video content

We deliver cost-effective on-line and off-line cutting edge, media-rich video content to the corporate, creative and broadcast markets worldwide. Our services cover all aspects of high definition video, content, TV, broadcast, animation, motion graphics, streaming and delivery.

Corporate Video

Does your organisation need any kind of video content for your website, the plasma screens in reception, the presentations your sales team are making or the exhibitions you attend? Whether you require a traditional ‘here we are’ film, a product demonstration or something a little different, LDV Production is the number one supplier with unrivalled experience in delivering Corporate Videos.

Since 2005 we’ve been producing web marketing videos, client case studies, project documentaries, CEO interviews, message films and company introductions across a wide range of industries and budgets.

Our experienced team of producers, directors, writers, engineers and camera personnel make sure that your product or service is covered from all the right angles.

LDV Production produces top quality corporate films, promotional programmes and animated features. We film and produce business conferences, testimonials, seminars, documentaries, lectures, executive broadcasts and exhibitions for our clients.

Your professionally produced corporate videos will greatly enhance your company image and provide the ultimate return on investment for your marketing budget to keep the shareholders happy.

Documentary & Film

LDV Production has produced over the past six years a series of short films and documentaries which have competed among the most prestigious festival around the world such as Berlin, Edinburgh and London. More about our fiction films can be found on our blog at www.joachim.tv